dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an excellent form of tooth replacement, as many people who have lost teeth, due to tooth decay, gum disease or following an injury, feel embarrassed due to a gap or loose-fitting dentures. They provide confidence for people when eating, smiling and laughing.

Our dental implants are made from titanium and are placed into the jawbone, which acts as a tooth root. Once secured into place the restoration can be fitted, these can be crowns, a bridge or dentures.

Why choose us for dental implants?

Exceptional success and experience. Dr Kris Leeson BChD Leeds 2005 MJDF RCS ENG 2013, MSc 2013 (Implant Dentistry) PGCERT (Healthcare Education) graduated from the University of Leeds in 2005, furthering his qualifications in 2013 with his Royal College of Surgeons Qualification.

Dr Leeson has successfully placed thousands of dental implants over the last 15 years, giving many patients a new found confidence. Working alongside Dr Leeson are his wonderful team of implant and sedation nurses.

At Thorpe Dental Group, we use the latest implantology techniques to ensure predictable placement and lasting results. We have an in-house CBCT scanner to assist with case planning and in-house milling machines to provide same day restorations.


Features and benefits of dental implants

Dental implants look and function like natural teeth, allowing for a more natural-looking smile. They are a more secure and comfortable option to replace a missing tooth because there is no artificial plastic sitting on the roof of the mouth, so there is no need to use dental adhesive. With dental implants, the fear of eating the foods you love, smiling and laughing is completely eliminated and most importantly there is no impact on any of the surrounding teeth.

As well as single and multiple implants, we can also provide All-on-4 implants, this is a treatment where a full-arch prosthesis (full row of teeth) can be secured with the placement of only four implants.


We use the best dental implant systems available on the market, by doing this we achieve a 98% success rate with all of the dental implants that we place.

Our initial consultation is £60. Prices start from £3300, which includes the implant and the restoration.

Our Service

Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do. Our superb Thorpe team of staff ensure that you receive the best care throughout and after your dental treatment with us.

If you would like further information on dental implants, please contact our Woodthorpe practice on 01904 706795, they will be able to discuss this treatment further with you, and book you in for a consultation with Dr Kris Leeson.

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