All-On-4, also known as Teeth-in-a-day, is a treatment offered to patients with a full arch of missing or failing teeth. This process gives patients a beautiful, functioning smile in a day. Teeth in a day is a full day process where a patient will have their implants placed and leave with a full set of bespoke teeth, securely fixed to the implants.

How does Teeth-in-a-day work?

Teeth-in-a-day is also known as All-On-4 because four implants are usually placed into the jaw bone, to anchor a permanent set of custom-made teeth, the implants function as a replacement for the natural tooth roots, they are placed at a precise angle to maximise the use of the available bone and maximise success. Once the implants are in place abutments are then placed, these are a small device that will connect the new implants to the new prosthesis.

For Teeth-in-a-day, a lab technician will be on site creating the new temporary prosthesis that will be fitted a couple of hours after the implant placement has taken place. Patients will be asked to return 3-6 months after the implant placement surgery, this allows the natural bone to integrate with the new dental implant. Once the implants have healed and fully integrated into the bone, the final prosthesis can be made, multiple appointments will be needed for this final step to ensure every detail for the final set of teeth is right.

Am I suitable for teeth in a day?

There are many benefits to this treatment, allowing patients to come in for one appointment and leave with their new smile. All-On-4 is quicker than the traditional method, with less surgery and only 4 implants are usually required instead of 6-10. All-On-4 replacement teeth function just like natural teeth, they are fixed in place and are cleaned and maintained just like natural teeth.

Teeth-in-a-day cost varies between patients, this is due to the number of implants needed and also the complexity of the treatment. At the consultation you will be provided with all relevant documentation for the treatment and also a personalised treatment plan that will include the overall cost of treatment (this can change during treatment if extra treatment is required).

Thorpe Dental Group offers interest free finance over 6 or 12 months with V12 Retail Finance, please speak with one of the team for more information.


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