We currently accept new private patients at Woodthorpe and Bishopthorpe. To register please call the Woodthorpe practice on 01904 706795 or the Bishopthorpe practice on 01904 703427, or you can come in to either practice to register and book an appointment.

We are a predominantly a private practice, though we do have a small NHS contract for children. We are at full capacity for NHS at present, but we do review this every 4 months. For children we do offer a membership plan which is £4.79 per month: this includes 2 check-up appointments per year and 50% discount of treatment.

We recommended that most patients attend dental appointments every 6 months, in some cases we will advise you return in 3 months, 9 months or yearly depending on your dental history and risk. Attending a dentist regularly allows us to spot oral health problems early, this allows us to treat the issue quickly preventing any further more invasive treatments.

We are able to offer appointments to both registered and non-registered patients. If you are a non-registered patient in need of an emergency dental appointment, this will be subject to availability.

If you develop toothache, break a tooth, loose a filling, knock out a tooth or develop a swelling, contact your dentist as soon as possible to get booked in to see a dentist, the receptionist will triage and assess the appointment need to ensure the correct appointment is booked.

If you do develop any of the above ensure the area is kept clean using interdental cleaning aids (e.g. TePe brushes, floss or your toothbrush) and regularly rinse with warm salt water to keep infection risk low.

We have three dental practices located in the south suburb of York, our practices are located in Woodthorpe, Bishopthorpe and Copmanthorpe, they are all within a 10 minute drive of each other.

You do not need to bring your previous dental records with you, we usually start afresh when you sign up to a new practice. We may contact your previous dental practice for routine X-rays if we need to, though we would get consent from you first if this was needed.

If you need to cancel an appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to allow us to reallocate the appointment slot to another patient, if you fail to inform us that you are unable to attend the appointment within the 48 hours or you do not attend the appointment without informing us, a charge may be generated for wasted surgery time.

If a patient late cancels or fails to attend an appointment on multiple occasions a charge will be generated, this is usually charged at £1 per minute for the amount of time allocated, for example if a 30-minute appointment is booked, a £30 charge will be generated.

We do understand that on some occasions it may not be possible to give us the required 48 hours’ notice, however please let us know as soon as you know are aware that you will be unable to attend the appointment.

For treatments above £600, we offer 0% finance over a 6 or 12 month period with a company called V12 Retail Finance.

For more information, visit this page to unlock a wealth of useful and informative information about the finance options our practice has to offer, as well as addressing many commonly asked questions.

You can also read our finance Disclosure Statement.

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