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At Thorpe Dental Group we use Boutique home whitening system to brighten your smile. Using digital scan technology, we will scan your teeth and send this to a lab to have your personal whitening trays made. Teeth whitening is available at all three of our practices, a check-up is required before hand to ensure you are suitable for home whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

Are your teeth looking dull or discoloured? Teeth Whitening is the easiest and quickest way to brighten your smile, with minimal intervention.

Using Boutique home whitening system can brighten your smile, lasting many years, anytime you feel your teeth could use a little top up, simply apply Boutique refill gel and use this until you get to a shade you are happy with.


Teeth whitening case studies
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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Most patients are suitable to have teeth whitening, a full dental check up is required by a qualified dentist who will assess and advice.
Whitening teeth can cause a small amount of sensitivity to occur after the treatment, this can be treated using a sensitive toothpaste.
If you have white composite fillings or Crowns or Veneers, these will not change shade whilst you complete whitening treatment.

Yes, teeth whitening treatment is safe when it is prescribed and used correctly. All of our dentists are fully qualified experts, who are able to provide whitening treatment in the best and safest way possible.

This can vary between each individual, it could last as long as two years, however drinking a lot of tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking can all reduce this.

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